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Terminal multiplexer with TUI window manager and multi-party session sharing

Monotty Desktopio

Text-based desktop environment inside your terminal*


* Terminal Requirements

Tested Terminals


Demo on YouTube

Live SSH


Supported Platforms

Building from Source


Build-time dependencies

git clone && cd ./vtm
cmake ./src -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
cmake --build .
cmake --install .


Build-time dependencies

Use Developer Command Prompt for VS 2019 as a build environment

git clone && cd ./vtm
cmake ./src -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release "-GVisual Studio 16 2019"
cmake --build . --config Release
cd ./Release
powershell ../src/install/install.ps1


Command Line Options

Module Options
vtm(.exe) client No arguments
vtmd(.exe) server [ -d ] run in background

User Interface

Sidebar App window Desktop
App list Running app list User list ≡ Menu Menu bar Interior Resize grips Navigation strings Free space
Ctrl + PgUp/Dn Switch between running apps and assign exclusive keyboard focus
LeftClick Set default app Go to app Assign exclusive keyboard focus Go to app Clear keyboard focus
Ctrl + LeftClick Assign/clear group keyboard focus
double LeftClick Run app Close app Maximize/restore app window
RightClick Center app window Center app window
Left+Right or MiddleClick Close app
LeftDrag Adjust sidebar width Move app window Panoramic workspace scrolling
RightDrag Panoramic content scrolling Run default app
MiddleDrag Run default app
Left+RightDrag Panoramic workspace scrolling
Ctrl+RightDrag or Ctrl+MiddleDrag Copy selected area to clipboard, OSC 52
Wheel Vertical scrolling
Shift+Wheel or Ctrl+Wheel Horizontal scrolling

Built-in Applications

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- `▀▄ Term` - UTF-8 Everywhere - Unicode clustering - TrueColor/256-color support - Auto-wrap mode `DECAWM` (with horizontal scrolling) - Focus tracking `DECSET 1004` - Bracketed paste mode `DECSET 2004` - SGR attributes: overline, double underline, strikethrough, and others - Save/restore terminal window title `XTWINOPS 22/23` - Mouse tracking `DECSET 1000/1002/1003/1006 SGR` mode - Mouse tracking `DECSET 10060 Extended SGR` mode, mouse reporting outside of the terminal viewport (outside + negative arguments) #62 - Configurable using VT-sequences Name | Sequence | Description -------------|----------------------------------|------------- `CCC_SBS` | `CSI` 24 : n : m `p` | Set scrollback buffer size, `int32_t`
`n` Buffer limit in lines, 0 is unlimited, _default is 20.000_
`m` Grow step for unlimited buffer, _default is 0_ `CCC_RST` | `CSI` 1 `p` | Reset all parameters to default `CCC_TBS` | `CSI` 5 : n `p` | Set tabulation length
`n` Length in chars, _max = 256, default is 8_ `CCC_JET` | `CSI` 11 : n `p` | Set text alignment, _default is Left_
`n = 0` default
`n = 1` Left
`n = 2` Right
`n = 3` Center `CCC_WRP` | `CSI` 12 : n `p` | Set text autowrap mode, _default is On_
`n = 0` default
`n = 1` On
`n = 2` Off (_enable horizontal scrolling_) `CCC_RTL` | `CSI` 13 : n `p` | Set text right-to-left mode, _default is Off_
`n = 0` default
`n = 1` On
`n = 2` Off - `▀▄ Logs` - Debug output console. Use double `RightClick` to clear scrollback. - `▀▄ View` - Serves for quick navigation through the desktop space using cyclic selection (left click on group title) in the `View` group on the taskbar.

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